Big bad bully…

I’ve seen my gynaecologist. He sent me straight for a hysteroscopy and biopsy. The biopsy was fine and the hysteroscopy showed that one of my resident fibroids, whilst shrinking through estrogen starvation, still pretty much fills the uterus. My smear test showed some abnormal cells but no HPV is present. So, as I don’t have cervical nor uterine cancer (just let me say that again…I don’t have cervical nor uterine cancer…oh sweet jesus the relief is indescribable) it is likely that the big bully fibroid is the cause of the bleeding. I am to be monitored and if he continues to shrink he will be allowed to stay. If he does it again he will be served an eviction notice. So listen up bully…behave or you’re out!

Once again, I have nothing but praise for my treatment regarding this. The clinical nurse who performed the procedure (I think she is Nicky) was gentle, understanding and funny…and lord knows you need a bit of inappropriate humour when you’re in this position:


I guess what I want to say here is that no matter how big or small you think something is, don’t worry others will think it’s nothing. Not once was I told I was being silly or over cautious. I was never made to feel I was wasting anyone’s time. So if something is bothering you, get it checked. Oh and if you’re a cancer patient you’re allowed to get a little bolshy with the GP’s receptionist and they won’t you fob you off with “Can it wait for a couple of weeks, only the doctor’s fully booked.”

Right, I’m going to watch Ronnie do that magic thing he does with a stick and some balls.
Have a great day, everyone.


4 Comments to “Big bad bully…”

  1. Uncanny that you’ve posted today rebecca – you’ve been very much in my thoughts and had been going to post just to send you some big fat stripey snoozles from me and the boys and to say we hoped you’re doing good. Clearly you are save for the Big Bully Fibroid (boo hiss – outta there now!) which has made me smile for you.

  2. Praise God! Doing the Happy Dance up in here!

  3. Welcome news. Sending positive vibes at you and negative vibes at Bully Boy.

  4. Yes! I may not comment on here very often, but I read your blog every time you post. I’m so pleased you get to feel the relief you’re feeling. :)

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