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April 4, 2018

Not that kind of girl…

Instead of working, I’ve been messing around, (as you do and anyway, that’s what I do best) and I was intrigued by the difference in reversed images. This is something of which¬† I’ve always had to be wary when drawing portraits. I’ve always thought photographs didn’t look like me but I guess they do, they just don’t look like me in the mirror. (Also, in the mirror I look 35, maybe 40, not 56!)

This isn’t a new realisation but it acted as a very efficient displacment activity. One of the above old birds is me and the other is em. Both are sporting their new “Seize the Grey” hair.

GreyProgNearly all the old dye has grown out…
another six months should see it gone.

Images aside, how others perceive us is very different from our own view of ourselves. Never forget that, it’ll save a lot of time, frustration and misunderstanding. No-one wants to live in a cheesey romcom movie. “But I thought you were that kind of girl…”