Rocks, pebbles and bones

Yesterday I had a “follow up” dexa-scan, to check my bone density as one of the chemo drugs I had and one of the drugs I still take have a tendency to ravage it. I’m pretty certain “follow up” meant annual or bi-annual…it’s been five years but hey ho! I’m also pretty certain all is well as I also take drugs to counteract the ravaging. The nurse was amazed that I weighed exactly the same as five years ago and thinking about it, I was wearing the same jeans and hoodie so that must have helped.

Whilst at the hospital I hid (not too well as I wanted them to be found) a couple of pebbles I had painted. This morning I’m up in the clouds as this photograph was posted on the Love on the Rocks Facebook page.


This is why I do it. This was first pebble I have hidden
and the first to be found. It feels wonderful :o)



If you find the other one or any others,
(there a so many people doing this)
please do post a photograph.



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