Ebooks, Ereaders and Epubar…

I don’t usually write reviews on this blog. At most I recommend or simply praise an ingredient, gadget or product, but this is a review because this product deserves it.

I read at every available moment in many different formats, the irony being that I have little time to write much about books on here. I used to be a purist about books…if it’s not a book then it’s not a book! Then, some years ago I bought my husband a Kindle and I was hooked. (Yes, it was his but seemed to be in my hands a great deal so he bought one for me). I still love books…the feel, the smell, the absolute joy of them is unbeatable but for many reasons, for me the Kindle is essential.

I have various reading apps on various devices but nothing beats the Kindle screen, especially for someone like me whose migraines can be caused by bright reflections from a ‘phone or tablet. So, over the years I’ve used software to convert the ebooks I want to read to a format compatible with the Kindle. It’s often been a slow, tedious process but not now. Now I have discovered Epubor Ultimate.

Epubor Ultimate is the easiest, fastest converter I have used and the most versatile. The trial version is the full version with no features disabled but only converts 20% of the ebook to .txt format. Clever, huh? But that 20% is enough to show you how well it works. Don’t be put off by missing graphics or strange codes and formatting; with the unrestricted version these are just perfect.


On the left, the trial text version, on the right the full version of the same page
both on Kindle Paperwhite.


On the left the trial text version, on the right the full version of the same page
both on Kindle Paperwhite.



Once installed and opened, it automatically finds the eBooks on your computer and connected devices and displays them in the tabs on the left.




Drag the title you want to convert, (who doesn’t love the ease of drag and drop?) instantly removing the DRM, which often blocks conversion.


Epubor2If you double click on the book, you have the option to edit the meta data,
details such as title and author.



Next, select the type of file you need from the drop-down menu, click on the convert button and job done, in seconds! A window will open showing the the contents of the Ultimate folder, including the converted file. This is where you will take the file from to add to your device.


 The choices are ePub, Mobi, azw3, PDF, and Txt.
If you have a Kindle Paperwhite running the latest firmware, covert to a MOBI file, email to your kindle account and download that way, otherwise the dictionary won’t work!


Plug your device into your computer and it appears in the tab menu on the left (it even detects the Kindle model). If you click that tab you will see all the titles on the device. Also, a window showing its contents will open. If the Ultimate folder window is not  open already, click “+Add” at the top of the screen and a window will open. In the file named Ultimate are your converted ebooks. Simply drag and drop (still loving that!) into the Kindle window…put them in the Documents folder or you won’t be able to see them on your Kindle. And that’s it…couldn’t be easier.

I have only converted one file at a time but I understand Epubor Ultimate can batch convert with similar ease.

The interface is clear, uncluttered and user friendly. It’s the fastest converter I have used and whilst I have had no need for technical support, from what I’ve seen, it is excellent.

I have reviewed this with regard to the Kindle but it is compatible with the Nook, Kobo, Adobe Digital Editions. I believe other eReaders can be detected.

Once again, I generally do not endorse a product, not even for a freebie, but this one for me was worth a mention. Bibliophiles will be happy readers with this. Me? I’m going to put my feet up with a pot of tea and a good eBook.

Epubor Ultimate

Epubor Website



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