Some of my favourite things

Knit Pro interchangeable circular knitting needles, which I love.
I have a pair of the perdy wooden ones and a pair of the metal; onlyused the metal so far but I’m lovin’ it!

Love love love this stuff

Hoorah! A list of animal friendly pencils sent to me by Derwent: Pencils free from animal products

During the late 80s when BSE made all the news headlines, the formula for Bovril was changed and it was, for a while, suitable for vegetarians. It now contains beef extract again.

For me, this stuff rules and I make good use of the jars. They’re great in the garden with tea lights in. If anyone out there has a couple of the 25g jars I would be very interested in them as Messrs Marmite dropped this in favour of the squeezy thing

Last Christmas Eve I decided we should have a Christmas cake after all, so I quickly made a vegan fruit cake and topped it with a marmalade glaze sprinkled with Demerara sugar. I found the decoration and ribbon in my tin of cookie/pastry cutters and bits and bobs. We were all glad I did. I shall hunt out the recipe and post it.

This is a real favourite with the children…Apple Crumble Cake with Swedish Glace (vegan) ice cream. (I’d started to eat my ice cream before I’d thought about photographing it!)

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