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August 29, 2012

Nigella in my Kitchen :o)

Ooh…look what I found for just £10!

I love this lady’s approach and I like how she writes. I downloaded a free sample of this book to my Kindle and was very impressed. I also downloaded a sample of a bad book which was far from impressive and managed to actually buy the blooming thing instead of closing the sample! Sometimes a touch screen and long nails do not go together. I was able to return the bad book and get a refund. (I’m still trying to get my head round receiving and returning something which I never actually received, in that it was never in my hand…ah the bemusings of a Luddite)

I had my weekly blood test this morning. I’m still feeling really good but tomorrow I have an appointment with the Chemo Guy who I guess will tell me if last week’s ultra sound has shown any shrinkage yet…I fear not. Then chemo on Friday so all the rubbish stuff will start again…but that means the good stuff will follow.