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April 30, 2013

Short change…

Here I am…short hair, short dress (but you can’t see that!)


What do you think?

Snapshot - 49

…and how about these?
Ooh la la, no?

Another step closer.
It’s been a long, long walk but I’m going to f**king get there!

April 25, 2013

Tickety Boo(bs) and Pay It Forward

My surgeon topped me up today. We forgot to take a camera so TB took a quick snap on his phone…yes the one that’s rattled around in his pocket for four years and has dust under the lens. So, apologies for the poor quality picture.


Here you can see the needles in BOTH ports which are under the skin. A syringe filled with saline is attached to the end of the tube and hey presto…boobage! I will have one or two more tweaks over the next couple of weeks and then wait with bated breath as the newest breast settles. Then, when I’m happy with them both, I will have the ports removed. Some women leave them in but mine show so I’ll let them go. The left breast will always be a little more pronounced at the top as this has been subjected to radiotherapy which has caused the muscle to tighten around the implant. It’s really only noticeable in certain garments, hence wearing a bra today so I could see how it looked as it was being expanded.

My surgeon has given me a new nipple on the latest breast. At the moment it looks a bit iffy but will look better when the wound has completely healed. However, I will have the option to have a nipple constructed on the first side to match or to have the existing one smoothed out instead. Watch this space. (Watch my nipples…ooer)

Oh and see those hands? Those are the HIS hands…the man who has given me two wonderful boobs back. I have no idea how to thank him so I just smile insanely. I will pass on my good fortune to whomever and whenever I can. I am a firm believer in Pay It Forward, the national day of which happens to be today, but I like to do it every day.

April 23, 2013

She’s sure fine looking, man…

Four weeks after surgery this is how I look. The dressings are off, drains are out and I’ve had a saline top up.


The scar is still healing but is looking good.


The top up I had makes me almost balanced. I shall have another top up this week then wait until all the swelling has gone and the muscle has dropped to even up these babies!

I don’t seem to be recovering as quickly as last time. With the first operation, four weeks later I was almost pain free and had full movement. This time I still have a lot of pain and movement is there but is very painful. I’m trying to be patient.
I’m stupidly tired, needing two or three or four naps a day and still being ready for bed by 7 o’clock…and not in the same way as a few months ago ;o)

Please click on the ribbon below the video. Please keep giving. I’m getting through this with your help and the love and support of TB. Not everyone has this so we need to find easier treatment, care and most of all a cure for cancer.

April 16, 2013

Home, Herceptin and don’t spare the horses

I’ve had my first home Herceptin. Nurse Kathryn was with me last Thursday morning for a little over two hours and all went well. In the afternoon I saw my surgeon who beamed at his handiwork and was very pleased with my progress…but not as pleased as I am with my surgeon. (Did I ever mention he’s young and good looking?) All the exits have healed and the scar on the breast is looking good. The final dressing should come off in a few days.

Ralph has sustained a sporting injury!

April 5, 2013


I had the last drain out yesterday at 4.00 p.m. and went to A&E at midnight as the drain site
exit wound would not stop bleeding.

They cleaned me up, extra gauze, redressed the wound, crossed all fingers, sent me home at 2.30 a.m.
and told me to stay in bed for a couple of days and then take it easy.

Apparently doing nothing doesn’t allow for doing anything, not even very, very slowly…
it really does mean DOING NOTHING. Oops!

April 4, 2013

Drains are out…yay!

A couple of days ago I had one drain removed and today I had the other one taken out.
I want to thank Karen, the nurse who made a tricky removal very easy for me.


Here you can see the drain tubes…yukky huh?
I’m glad not to have to carry them around with me any more!